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NAME: The Leading Bookmaker Trophy DIV II Horses rated 20 to 45,5 years old and over
RACE No.10(241) 1200M - 5.45P.M. | Sat, Mar 14
No Horse DR
1 COLOUR OF GOLD (dk bm 5, 22/04/10)(Mr. Mellon(USA)-Secret Paradise)
Amit Caddy - Chetan Kalay S.(-3)
2 HIDDEN HERO (chh 5, 09/02/10)(Carnival Dancer(GB)-Asperity)
Narayana Gowda V. - D. Gnaneshwar
3 CHERRY HINTON (bm 5, 26/02/10)(Gaswar(GB)-Chasing Shadow)
F. Sirajuddin - Vinod Shinde
4 FIOROLOCO (bg 5, 28/03/10)(Rebuttal(USA)-Florale)
Azhar Ali - Anjar Alam
5 ORIENTAL BELLE (dkb/brm 5, 14/02/10)(Glory of Dancer(GB)-Belvedere Vixen(GB))
Sharat Kumar - M.A.Roushan
6 FEET ON FIRE (bm 5, 02/03/10)(Diffident(FR)-Oojah)
Hidayat Khan - Arshad Alam
7 SOMERSET ROSE (chm 7, 24/03/08)(Serious Spender(USA)-Somerset West)
Pillay J. S. - Sahanawaz
8 ICEPICK WILLIE (bg 6, 05/02/09)(Ace(IRE)-Battle Star)
S. Narredu - Vishwanath A.(-1)
9 HIMAVARI (dk bm 5, 18/01/10)(Brave Act(GB)-Indian Relative(GB))
Nikhil M. Punna - Irvan Singh
10 MIDTOWN DELIGHT (bg 7, 10/03/08)(Midtown(IRE)-Istelle(USA))
M. P. Mahaesh - V.R.Jagadeesh
11 JEYEM'S PRIDE (dk bm 6, 25/02/09)(Epicentre(USA)-Golden Shower)
B. Puttanna - Ashok Kumar A.
12 GAGAN STAR (dk bg 7, 13/03/08)(Mr. Mellon(USA)-Cool Water)
Samar Singh - -- nds --
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